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Training price:  120€


Training duration :  at your own pace


Training aims :  Acquire a perfect theoretical and practical knowledge of eyebrow restructuring and brow lift


Public concerned: Beautician or eyelash technician, no prerequisites necessary to follow this training


Teaching means:

- Means of supervision:  A qualified trainer

- Training support: A training booklet, videos

- Scenario, knowledge test, booklet and training certificate given to the trainee


Opportunities: Freelance or self-employed, by offering your services in beauty salons






The browlift is a treatment that improves the condition of natural eyebrows and gives them a healthy and well-groomed appearance. The main goal of treatment is to improve the external and internal condition of the eyebrows, nourishing them with vitamins, keratin. We are also going to discipline them, restructure them, color them. The eyebrows become visibly redesigned, fleshed out and will highlight the look of your clients.


> Theory:


- The anatomy of the eyebrow / Safety information, hygiene and regulatory obligations /  Contraindications

- Presentation of equipment and products, composition of the kit, product characteristics
- how to restructure an eyebrow?

- what is a browlift?

- Eyelash tinting

- The important points

- Preparation of the intervention and protocol to follow

- Preparation of workspace and products

- Welcoming clients, questions necessary before the intervention, preparation of your client's face

- Care and maintenance

- First steps with demonstration on a model

- Eyebrow preparation and treatment protocol


> Practical:


- Preparation of the workspace, the model / preparation of the intervention and protocol to follow

- Intensive practice on models with professional simulation

- Debriefing, questions and answers


Certificate and training file given to students


  • Certified vocational training

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