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90° clamp

Our pliers are all hand made in Germany to ensure they all meet our working standards and that our technicians do not buy pliers that don't grip well or close properly. Clamps manufactured in batches do not meet our quality standards. We therefore test all our pliers before selling them. Our design ensures they close properly.

Main characteristics:
• Perfect for separating natural lashes to isolate an individual lash
• Very effective in selecting and picking up lashes
• Designed for precise and efficient manipulation and isolation of individual lashes and eyelash extensions
• Pointed ends that close tightly to manipulate individual lashes with precision, without damaging or bending the lash
• Opening and closing provides the perfect tension for working with lashes

Measurement approximation: 4.9 * 0.4 * 0.2 inch / 12.5 * 1 * 0.5 cm
Weight approximation: 23 g

90° clamp

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